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President Message


Noboru Kitagawa

Since its founding in 1954, Leader Electronics has been a dedicated manufacturer of electronic measuring instruments, which are known as indispensable tools in the world of industry, and has devoted itself to providing customers with products that satisfy them.

Leader started out as a manufacturer of measuring instruments for radios. As the TV has developed, Leader has primarily focused on video and has met the measuring needs of a wide range of fields, providing instruments that aid in the manufacturing and maintenance of TV sets and video players, instruments for broadcasting, and field instruments for installing antennas and other related equipment.
In response to the trend toward high definition and the shift to digital terrestrial television, Leader has earned the praise of its customers by offering, in a timely manner, multi-functional, high-performance products that use cutting-edge technology.

In recent years, the speed at which electronic revolutions occur has been growing faster and faster, and digitalization has led to dramatic leaps in electronic sophistication.
Leader is anticipating the new measurement needs of this rapidly changing era and is aggressively and boldly pursuing the research and development necessary to meet those needs.
Additionally, Leader is dedicating itself to customer-centered manufacturing and offering highly reliable products with high added value.

Leader is acquiring its own unique measurement technology and striving to live up to its name as a leader in the field of measuring instruments.

In every era, the accomplishment of a goal starts with the power to act.
The foundation of the power to act is motivation.
With motivation and power to act at its core, Leader will strive to be a company that is loved and needed by all of its stakeholders and that serves as a source of hope for them. Leader will devote itself to the pursuit of new technology as a matter of course. It will also continue in its efforts to maintain an excellent level of regulatory compliance and practice security export control and will strive to meet its responsibility to protect the environment and its other social responsibilities.