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FS 8681

FS 8681

FS 8681
Measurement system example consisting of a camera, chart box, I/F box, and PC(camera evaluation software)

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FS 8681
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Software for picture evaluation / inspection of a camera


The FS 8681 is a software application that can be used to evaluate camera images.*1 For a example, a measurement system consisting of a PC, I/O board, camera, chart box, and I/F box can be configured.
*1 : Recommended OS: Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit


  • Evaluation and Inspection can be performed on various types of cameras—including video cameras, surveillance cameras, IP cameras, and camera modules—to check for image distortion, color signals(phase and saturation), tone characteristics, resolution, S/N ratio, dirt/smudges, and so on.
  • Various types of input signals can be supported according to your needs. Supportable signals are 3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, and NTSC/PAL.*2 LAN, USB, IEEE1394 are also supported. In addition, standalone image files (such as 4K2K images) can also be evaluated.
  • An intuitive graphical user interface is available for creating and editing measurement sequences. This makes it easy to run comprehensive evaluations, which include the controlling of peripheral devices, on a PC.
    *2 : A specific I/O board (DeckLink Studio) by Blackmagic Design is required.


  • I/F Box and Chart Box
      The I/F box and chart box option makes it possible to evaluate camera modules and measure and evaluate video waveforms.
  • Original chart for resolution measurement (patent pending)
      Leader’s original chart can be used to display resolutions numerically.
    Original chart