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Environmental Protection Activities

Our dealing with the Environment

Environmental Policy

Basic Vision
green image Leader Electronics Corp. develops and promotes its corporate activities with perception of the influence of burden to Environment at each stage of R & D and sales of the products, aiming for less burden and for less use of resources to protect Environment of our precious earth.

Policy for activities

  1. Commitment to continuous improvement for the prevention of pollution Grasping and perceiving the influence of our corporate activities to Environment, we commit ourselves to make continuous improvement of our corporate management for Environment to secure Environmental protection and prevention of pollution.
  2. Commitment to observance of the laws and the relevant requirements We commit ourselves to observe the laws to be applied to us relating to Environmental Protection and the requirements we have agreed on.
  3. Aim to protect Environment and establishment of the goal In order to attain Environmental policy, we establish the aim and goal for Environmental protection and periodically review it to further promote our Environmental protection activities.
  4. Imperative theme on Environmental activities
    1. Development of the products that are friendly to Environment, considering replacements of the products that might give damage to Environment.
    2. Promotion of Green Procurement.
    3. Appropriate disposal of the wastes.
  5. Enlightening and education on Environmental Policy
    We disclose our Environmental policy both to our employees and vendors (cooperative suppliers of the parts and goods). We thoroughly enlighten and educate all our members of the company for their further knowledge and understanding of Environmental Policy. Likewise, we ask for the vendors' activities, understanding and cooperation based upon Environmental Policy.

Contents of activities

  1. Development of new products friendly to Environment, in terms of switching to components free from hazardous substances
    1.1 Reduction of substances giving burden to the Environment
    Our company specifies lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB and PBDE as 6 hazardous substances and is now switching to buy components, that do not contain those substances.
    This corresponds with the instructions by RoHS of European Directive.
    1.2 Adoption of lead-free for soldering
    Lead is known to be a substance that can cause intellectual disorder and serious anemia if it is ingested into human body via water or food and is designated as a substance harmful to the Environment. Solder is used for linkage of parts in Electronic Instruments. Solder is an alloy of Tin and Lead. When the Electronic Instruments are abandoned to water (rain), lead starts to dissolve to become hazardous substance and pollutes the Environment.
    Consequently, in the year of 2001, our company started to deal with adoption of soldering free of Lead and in 2003, we could go through all the reliability tests (all the evaluation items for soldering) for practical use.
    Starting in 2006, we commenced production of certain products with lead-free soldering. From now on, we intend to make more of our products with lead-free soldering.
  2. Green Procurement
    Our company, in cooperation with customers, will develop and promote "green procurement" to make products friendly to the Environment. In procurement of various goods, we give priority to those goods (parts, components, materials, products and services) that create little burden to the Environment.
  3. Dealing with the waste
    Considering the waste as precious resources, we are developing and promoting our 3 R activities.
    Reduce: curb the occurrence of waste and garbage
    Reuse: reuse the resources to the extent possible
    Recycle: resolve the goods into material for reuse
    We are thoroughly committed to reducing wastes associated with normal corporate activities as well as properly sorting waste materials throughout the company. As regards the goods used for the corporate activities, we are positively adopting and using the recycling materials.

Guideline for Green Procurement cover In April, 2005 we established "Guideline for Green Procurement" and revised in June, 2017 for the sixth edition.

We develop and promote our Green Procurement activities in cooperation with our customers based on this Guideline.

Guideline for Green Procurement (PDF:388KB)
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