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  1. Changes in AC voltage, power cords and/or plugs for overseas operation can be made by the factory at an additional charge.
  2. All product specifications found on this web site are subject to change without notice.
  3. About Green-Leaf Mark

    RoHS Models marked with "Green Leaf" meet the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment
    (Directive 2002/95/EC RoHS).
  4. About CE Mark

    CECE certification is standard for following model.

    CECE certification is available upon request for following model.
  5. Some products listed on this site are subject to Export Regulations incorporated in the "Japanese Foreign Exchange & Trade Laws." An Export License must be obtained from the Minister of METI in Japan to ship these products outside the country. If certain documents are required for custom clearance( even if they don't fall under the above regulations), please contact the Overseas Sales Department at Leader Electronics' corporate headquarters in Yokohama, Japan.
  6. Certain products listed on this site purchased and shipped to the United States for re-export out of the United States might be subject to the Federal Export Control Regulations and Licensing Procedures of the U.S. Government. This is normally contingent upon the country of destination.
  7. Inquiries on the above can be obtained as follows:
    E-mail: sales@leader.co.jp