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High performance and Cost effective Multi Rasterizer
2-Channel Simultaneous Display (LV 5770SER08 and LV 5770SER09)


The LV 7770 is a rasterizer that supports 3G-SDI, HD dual link, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI signals. It has a variety of features, including simultaneous monitoring of two SDI input signals, frame capturing, lip sync measurement, and ANC data analysis.

LV 7700


  • 3G-SDI Compatible 2-Channel Simultaneous Display (LV 5770SER08 and LV 5770SER09)
    The LV 7770 is equipped with a pair of SDI input connectors that support 3G-SDI, HD dual link, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI signals. The two input signals can be displayed simultaneously. Even when one of the input signals is not being displayed, the LV 7770 still monitors the undisplayed signal for errors.
    In addition, the LV 7770 is equipped with SDI output connectors that can generate serial reclocked SDI signals from the input SDI signals. The A/B output connector generates the reclocked signal of the SDI signal applied to channel A or channel B. The output that is generated from this connector is switched between the two channels whenever an input key (A or B) is pressed.
  • Wide Variety of Display Formats (LV 5770SER08 and LV 5770SER09)
    In the video signal waveform display, vector display, and picture display, the LV 7770 can display up to two input SDI signals on top of each other or side by side. This makes it suitable for adjusting the gain and black balance values of two video signals. In the video signal waveform and vector displays, the LV 7770 can make different input channels easier to see by displaying them using different colors.
  • Capture Feature
    A screen capture feature that captures the screen as still images, a frame capture feature that captures single frames of SDI signals, and an error capture feature that automatically detects and captures error frames are available.
    Not only can captured data be displayed by the LV 7770, but it can also be compared with an input signal or saved to a USB memory device. It is easy to view the saved data on a PC.
  • XGA Resolution DVI-I Output
    The measurement display has XGA resolution (an effective resolution of 1024 x 768) and can be output from the DVI-I connector, which supports single-link TMDS. The aspect ratio can be switched between 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10. (The display must have a resolution conversion feature.)
  • Picture Monitor Output (LV 5770SER08 and LV 5770SER09)
    The input SDI signal can be generated as an 8-bit signal. Regardless of the SDI input signal, the output format can be set to YCBCR 4:2:2, YCBCR 4:4:4, or RGB 4:4:4.
  • 3D Assist Display (LV 5770SER08 and LV 5770SER09)
    3D video signals can be evaluated by applying the video signal for the left eye to channel A and the video signal for the right eye to channel B. The available picture display formats are anaglyph, convergence, overlay, wipe, checker, and flicker.
  • Digital Audio I/O
    An external digital audio signal can be displayed in addition to the embedded audio. The eight I/O channels of the four connectors can be switched between input and output. Therefore, the LV 7770 can also be used to extract and transmit the embedded audio's digital audio. Also, when the 16-channel digital audio I/O option (LV 7770 OP70) is installed in the LV 7770, the number of I/O connectors can be expanded to 8 connectors with 16 channels.(To measure embedded audio, the LV 7770 must have the LV 5770SER08 or LV 5770SER09 installed.)
  • With Loudness Measurement Function (for 2 Signals)
  • Standard-Equipped CINELITE Ⅱ / CINELITE Advanced (Future)
    The CINELITE feature makes it easy to manage the levels of specific points on the picture display. This is useful for adjusting the gain of multiple cameras through the use of the same reference point. The CINEZONE feature makes it possible to check the luminance distribution of the whole picture display at a glance.
  • SDI Signal Data Analysis Feature (LV 5770SER08 and LV 5770SER09)
    On the status display, SDI signal transmission errors and various errors related to the embedded audio signal and ancillary data can be detected. In addition, the LV 7770 has event log, data dump, and external sync signal and SDI signal phase difference display features for analyzing SDI signals. Ancillary data is displayed along with the embedded line numbers and numbers of the corresponding standards in a list. This makes it possible to display detailed analyses.
  • Timecode Display (LV 5770SER08 and LV 5770SER09)
    The LTC and VITC that are embedded in an SDI signal and the D-VITC that is embedded in an SD-SDI signal can be displayed. The timecode can also be used for time stamps in the event log.
  • Superimposing of English Closed Captions (LV 5770SER08 and LV 5770SER09)
    The English closed captions (EIA-608, EIA-708, or VBI) that are embedded in an SDI signal can be superimposed over the image on the picture screen.
  • External Control Connectors
    The LV 7770 has two external control connectors: an Ethernet port and a remote control connector.
    By connecting the Ethernet interface to a PC, you can control the LV 7770 remotely over TELNET, transfer files over FTP, control the LV 7770 remotely and detect errors over SNMP, and control the LV 7770 over HTTP. You can also connect to the separately-sold LV 7770-01 (REMOTE CONTROLLER).
    (You cannot use TELNET and the LV 7770-01 at the same time.)
    The remote control connector can be used to load presets, switch the input signal, and transmit errors.
  • Option
    • LV 5770SER08 SDI INPUT
      SDI input(The LV 5770SER08 and LV 5770SER09 cannot be installed in the instrument at the same time.)
    • LV 5770SER09 SDI INPUT / EYE
      In addition to the LV 5770SER08 features, eye patterns can also be displayed. (The eye pattern display can be used on one of the two input SDI signals that you select.)
      Tri-level sync and composite input.
      Up to 8 channels of analog audio are supported.
      Up to 16 channels of digital audio are supported.
  • Dolby Option
    The addition of the Dolby option enables the LV 7770 to decode and display the Dolby E or Dolby Digital signals that are compressed in embedded audio or digital audio signals.
    *Dolby is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories.
  • LV 7770-01 REMOTE CONTROLLER(sold separately)
    LV 7770-01

    The LV 7770-01 can be connected to the Ethernet port on the rear panel of the LV 7770 and used to control the LV 7770 remotely.