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Pickup evaluation equipment for next-generation DVDs

  1. Introduction
  2. New series "LE 9380 adjustment and evaluation equipment for blue pickup"
  3. Points to be considered as pickup evaluation equipment for blue laser
  4. Actual blue laser pickup configuration
  5. Conclusion

Jitter measurement technology for Blu-ray Disc

  • Jitter measurements conforming to Blu-ray Disc standards
  • HF signal jitter measurement for BD-RE disc
  • BD-RE disc (embossed HFM area)
  • BD-ROM disc (HF signal)
  • Block diagram of HF signal jitter measurement
  • Why is the limit equalizer required?
  • Others, Introduction of LE 1876/LE 1871
    (*LE 1876: Discontinued)

About HDMI and LT 450

  • Workings of HDMI management
  • Present conditions of the world's digital interface
  • What is HDMI?
  • What are HDMI signals?
  • HDMI versions
  • HDMI 1.3
  • What is EDID/HDCP/CEC?
  • Introduction of LT 450

Monitor adjustment by SMPTE color bars

  • What are SMPTE color bars?
  • Adjustment by SMPTE color bars
  • Monitor adjustment procedure (Chroma and Phase adjustment)
  • Monitor adjustment procedure (brightness adjustment)
  • Monitor adjustment procedure (contrast adjustment)
  • Monitor adjustment procedure (final check)