1. Thoughts Put into our Logo

Thoughts Put into our Logo

Thoughts Put into our Logo

The Leader Electronics logo is a design that embodies our philosophy and what we aim to be.

The logotype is a very simple typeface. Based on the idea that "measurement is to convey the truth in an easy-to-understand manner,” we designed a typeface that is free of eccentricities and frills.

Further, by rounding the corners, this typeface expresses a new style of measurement that aims for approachability, friendliness, and freedom from fixed ideas about measurement categories.

Leader Blue / L Pattern

These elements were designed to provide visual accents.

Leader Blue was designed with the image of Earth’s blue color in mind.

The L Pattern is a graphic representation of the letter “L” with a straight Leader Blue line.

The horizontal line represents eternal nature of our potential and future, and the slanted line angled at 23.4 degrees, which is the axial tilt of Earth, expresses our desire to be a positive vector that contributes to a vibrant society.