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my Leader

my Leader is an Internet-based user registration system operated by Leader Electronics Corporation.
Registration to my Leader gives you access to the following services.

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Terms of Service

These Terms define the provisions that apply between Leader Electronics Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Company") and any Customer who has registered with my Leader. Prior to using my Leader, please read these Terms carefully, and use my Leader only if you agree to these Terms.
By accessing this website and browsing this webpage, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms.
The content of these Terms and the services for which you have registered is subject to change without prior notice.

Article 1 Purpose

my Leader provides various services for Customers who have purchased Leader products.

Article 2 User Registration

  • ・Customers who have applied for use of my Leader by filling in the required information on the registration form provided by the Company will be issued a my Leader ID and registered as users of my Leader.
  • ・Customer registration can be done only once per Customer.

Article 3 Registration Content

The following items are required for registration.
(1) Name, (2) Company name, (3) Country, (4) Phone number, (5) Email address, (6) Password

Article 4 Management of Registered Information

  • ・In the event of any changes to the registered name, address, email address or other information, the Customer shall promptly change the registered information through the procedures specified by the Company
  • ・The my Leader ID and password shall be set by the registered user himself/herself.
  • ・ The my Leader ID and password shall be strictly managed and stored by the registered user under his/her responsibility. The Company shall not lend, transfer, or sell registered information to third parties.

Article 5 Termination of Use (Deletion of Registration)

The my Leader ID shall become void under any of the following circumstances.

  • ・In the event of submission of a request for termination of use in one of the manners prescribed by the Company
  • ・In the event of breach of any of the provisions under these Terms or in the event that the Company judges the usage situation to be inappropriate
  • ・In the event that the Company becomes unable to contact the Customer

Article 6 Prohibited Matter

  • ・User registration based on false information
  • ・Breach of any of the provisions under these Terms
  • ・Unauthorized use of the Service
  • ・Violation of copyrights, portrait rights, privacy property rights, or other rights, and damage to reputation or trust
  • ・Slander or libel of the Company or third parties, or damage to reputation of same
  • ・Reproduction, copying, publishing, selling or leasing of registration information of a third party
  • ・Impersonation through use of third party’s registration information
  • ・Acts that interfere with the operation of the Service
  • ・Business acts, political acts, or religious acts that use the Service
  • ・Actions that the Company deems inappropriate for the operation of the Service

Article 7 Contact Information

The Service is operated by Leader Electronics Corporation.
Inquiries should be directed to:
PR Manager, Sales Technology Group, Sales Department

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