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About Leader Electronics Corporation
Leader Electronics is a manufacturer specialized in electronic measuring instruments. Our strengths lie in video related fields including high definition video for television, motion pictures and so on, and our main business is to develop, manufacture and sell a wide variety of electronic measuring instruments, including measuring instruments for broadcasting stations, measuring instruments for consumer electronics production automation and labor-saving, and measuring instruments for maintenance.

History of Leader Electronics

Test oscillator LSG-100, a radio measuring instrument, is the first product Leader Electronics sends out into the world. Popular for its high reliability and the good design of the housing, it became a hit product.
The world first satellite live broadcast is successfully carried out from Chomolungma (Mount Everest), the world’s highest peak. At that time, video monitor LVM-5863A was used for video verification. This small, lightweight, and robust product that overturned existing received notions was chosen for shooting in extreme conditions at the top of the world.
In 1995, we developed the world's first digital high-vision waveform monitor LV5150D, and in 2013, we developed the world's first 4K format waveform monitor. Leader products contribute to the digitalization of television broadcasting and recent high-definition television broadcasting.

Products of Leader Electronics

Video and Broadcast Related Products

These are measuring instrument mainly for broadcast stations and video production facilities. Waveform monitors are devices that visualize and analyze the color, brightness and other characteristics of the input video signal in real time. At television stations, video production companies and other production facilities, waveform monitors are essential equipment for checking video. In recent years, along with the digitization of video signals, waveform monitors have become even more functional owing to the need to display additional information such as audio information. Test signal generators are devices indispensable for generating a reference signal at broadcast stations to ensure stable broadcast free of interruptions and quality variations. A mark of the high trust enjoyed by our video technology is the adoption of our products in the broadcasting environment, where mistakes are not allowed.

Radio wave related products

Radio waves are used everywhere in life, such as in television and radio broadcasting, and wireless communications, but to ensure optimum transmission and reception, it is necessary to evaluate radio waves, which cannot be seen with the human eye. Our field strength meters are measuring instruments that visualize broadcast radio waves and measure and evaluate signals. They are mainly used during the installation of TV antennas and for the investigation of reception failure. Signal generators are devices that generate a signal that serves as reference for reception confirmation. They are mainly used for inspection and testing at broadcast stations and at television manufacturers. Leader Electronics' radio wave related products are trusted products chosen by radiowave professionals.

Image and industrial related products

Products that make full use of electronic measurement and image analysis technologies contribute to many industries. This includes test equipment for in-vehicle camera monitoring systems for realizing mirrorless cars, software product for verifying the performance of camera modules used for automotive and surveillance applications, and equipment used for performing adjustments and inspections during manufacturing. Our wide range of products are used at the research and development facilities and manufacturing sites of many manufacturers.