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  1. Message from the President
President Kozo Nagao

Message from the President

Since the company's establishment in 1954, we have contributed innovative measurement technology for sectors of industry such as home appliances, television broadcasting and mobile telephones. Progressing with measurement technology as the basis of our business, we have evolved our products and supporting services to meet the demands of each era and will continue to pursue various forms of value provision into the future.

In addition to improving the quality of broadcast communication, we are developing new technology for use in IP-based video distribution. So-called OTT (Over The Top) is expected to become a major aspect of the television and radio industry. 5G mobile telecommunication infrastructure is also expected to become widely adopted in the medium term. We hope to fulfil our social contribution based on our proven experience and skill in developing high grade measurement solutions.

The potential needs of our customers are an important factor guiding our strategy as supporter of innovation. Customer feedback relating to our existing products as well as requests for additional technical capabilities are always welcome, receiving our prompt and careful attention.

President  Kozo Nagao