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Support of GPS, 12G-SDI and PTP also available as options

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This product is a 1U full-rack size sync signal generator that outputs analog video sync signals and audio word-clock signals for broadcast stations. The external sync signal genlock function allows synchronized operation with input signals.
The genlock function has a stay-in-sync function that maintains the phase when an error occurs in the input analog video sync signal. The dual power supply unit provides redundant operation. These features make it possible to configure a highly reliable system.
Further, numerous options are available to allow GPS synchronization and PTP synchronization as well as arbitrary pattern output and digital audio output using 12G-SDI, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI. These options are designed to enable the management of the optimal synchronization system for your application.


  • LT4611 Main Unit
    • Genlock Function
      Various output signals can be synchronized by applying NTSC/PAL black burst signals, which are analog video sync signals, and HDTV tri-level sync signals.
      NTSC/PAL black burst signal with field reference pulse and NTSC black burst signal with 10 field IDs are also supported.
    • Stay-in-Sync and Slow Lock Functions
      A Stay-in-Sync function is available in case errors occur at the genlock input. In addition, a slow lock function is available to reduce the shock that occurs when genlock is performed again based on stay-in-sync. This makes it possible to construct an extremely reliable synchronization system.
    • Analog Video Sync Signal Output
      Three analog video sync signals can be output (up to six using an option). The phase of each output can be adjusted independently.
      NTSC/PAL black burst signal with field reference pulse and NTSC black burst signal with 10 field IDs are also supported.
    • Word-Clock Signal Output
      The LT 4611 can output a 48 kHz word-clock signal synchronized with video signals.
    • Real Time Clock
      The real time clock is backed up by a battery. There is no need to reset the clock even when the power is turned off and on.
    • Ethernet
      SNMP is supported. When an error is detected, a TRAP is issued. Further, the LT 4611 can be controlled through HTTP.
    • Preset Memory Function
      Up to 10 presets can be saved. Previously registered presets can be recalled during operation. The LT 4611 can be started with the same settings every time.
    • External Memory Support
      Logo data and preset data can be written and saved from the front panel using USB memory devices.
    • Redundant Power Supply
      Two power supplies are built in to provide redundancy. When errors occur in power supply units, alarms are indicated on the LT 4611 front panel. Errors can also be output as alarms using SNMP.

  • Hardware Options
    Option Description
    LT4610-SER01 GPS/TC
    LT4610-SER02 12G-SDI (4K) Support
    LT4610-SER03 PTP

  • Software Options
    Option Description
    LT4611-SER21 SYNC 3 OUT ADD
    LT4611-SER24 12G-SDI (8K) Support


  • LT4610-SER01 GPS/TC Option
    By installing this option, you can add GPS lock function to lock to frequency and time obtained from GPS, and with 10 MHz CW lock function and time code generator function. The time code generator is capable of free‐run based on internal clock information as well as output of ATC (LTC) and LTC Embedded Time Code based on clock information of GPS, LTC and VITC. A hold‐over function is available to retain phase and frequency of output signal when GPS signal and CW signal are lost. This unit can be also used as NTP server during GPS lock.
  • LT4610-SER02 12G-SDI Option
    SDI signal output is compatible with 4K (12G‐SDI), 4K (Quad link 3G‐SDI), 4K (Quad link HD – SDI), 4K (Dual link 3G – SDI), 3G‐SDI (level A, level B), HD – SDI (including dual link), and SD‐SDI. Four outputs of SDI signal are available. While the formats are common for four outputs, pattern and phase can be set individually. (dual‐lines only for 3G‐SDI level B and HD dual link)
  • LT4610-SER03 PTP
    LT4610SER03 is an option corresponding to PTP (IEEE 1588). It can be used in combination with LT4610SER01 (GPS option) or as a standalone grand master.
  • LT4611-SER21 SYNC 3 OUT ADD
    Option to add three outputs of analog video synchronized signal output. Total becomes six outputs and six lines added to standard three outputs.
    Signal format can be set per each output.
    SDI signal output is compatible with 12G‐SDI (4K), 3G‐SDI (level A, level B), HD‐SDI (including dual link), and SD‐SDI. Independent signal is available for SDI signal output terminal, which is capable of individual setting of pattern and phase. (single‐line only for 3G‐SDI level B and HD dual link)
    The LT 4611SER23 can output a 48 kHz AES/EBU signal synchronized with the video signals. It is also equipped with a muted AES/EBU signal output.
  • LT4611-SER24 12G-SDI Option
    Software option to add 12G-SDI 8K output to the LT 4610-SER02.
    It supports QUAD LINK 12G-SDI 8K (7680 x 4320) output.

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