1. New products to be announced at NAB SHOW 2018

New products to be announced at NAB SHOW 2018

Leader Electronics Corporation will announce the new lineup"ZEN" series of waveform monitors and rasterizers at NAB SHOW 2018.
ZEN consists of four models: a hybrid type waveform monitor,LV5600 / rasterizer LV7600 corresponding to inputs up to 12G-SDI signal and IP signal and a compact type waveform monitor, LV5300 / rasterizer LV7300 specialized for SDI signal.

The LV5600 is a 3U half rack size waveform monitor equipped with a 7-inch touch panel, and the LV7600 is a 1U full rack size rasterizer. It supports SDI (SD to 12G) and IP signal.This product has various measurement onitoring functions ranging from video to audio and IP transmission. In the video signal measurement, it corresponds to CIE chart, eye pattern display, HDR measurement, etc., and audio signal measurement supports level, lip sync, loudness measurement and so on. In IP signal measurement, transmission quality (QoS) monitoring functions such as transmission error monitoring and packet jitter measurements are enhanced.

The LV5300 is a waveform monitor that is battery-operable and portable, the LV7300 is a space-saving rasterizer of 1 U half rack size. 

The ZEN series is totally configurable according to customer's intended use and nvironment by option selection.

In addition, a sync generator LT4611 will be exhibited as a new product. It is equipped with redundant power supply as standard, and it is a product that can customize functions from various options such as 12G-SDI output, PTP, GPS lock, time code and so on.