1. Administrative


General Affairs Control the entire company and coordinate its various departments to form a bridge that connects management and actual practice. The nature of the work is very varied.
Human Resources Create an environment where each employee can demonstrate their abilities. Consistently support "people" from recruitment to retirement, and focus also on maintaining the health of employees.
Accounting Oversee all money-related matters of the company such as finance, accounting, and settlement of accounts.
Information Systems Manage and operate the computer systems, and build systems that support efficient execution of the work of the entire company. Implementing security measures against computer viruses is also an important function.
Quality Assurance Guarantee and maintain the quality of our products. To this end, instruct other departments in how to deal with domestic and overseas regulations and standards, and promote "quality management systems" to other departments. Also handle claims processing from customers and carry out environmental conservation activities.
Public Relations Disseminate information to customers and the media, and convey the appeal of our products. In addition to dealing with various media such as websites, catalogs, newspapers and magazines, the work includes also planning our participation at exhibitions and designing our booths.