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  1. History



1954 Establishment of Ohmatsu Denki Co., Ltd. at 2596 Kamimeguro 5-chome, Meguro City, Tokyo
Development of the LSG-100 test oscillato
1955 Development of the LAG-55 audio oscillator
This audio oscillator has been called a masterpiece and became a super long seller
  • LSG-100


1960 Relocation to current address in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
1963 Opening of Osaka Sales Office
1965 Development of the LCG-388 pattern generator
Entry into broadcasting and video fields
1966 Company name changed to Leader Electronics Corporation
1969 Establishment of Leader Instruments Corporation as an overseas affiliated company


1981 Development of the LBO-5860 waveform monitor and the LVS-5850 vector scope
Full entry into the broadcast and video fields, laying the foundation of today’s Leader
1985 Founder Shigeru Ohmatsu recognized as a Persons of Distinguished Service to the Promotion of Science and Technology by the Science and Technology Promotion Bureau of the Science and Technology Agency
1985 Development of the LVM-5863A mini video monitor
In May 1988, the LVM-5863A was used to perform a live broadcast from the world’s highest peak, Chomolungma (Mount Everest).
1986 Completion of construction of new headquarters building
  • LVS-5850 / LBO-5860
  • LVM-5863A


1991 Development of the 411D digital signal generator
Contribution to the digitalization of broadcast stations with the 5860D
Company stock starts trading as a Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA) registered over-the-counter stock
Development of the 951 signal level meter, the world’s first one-touch meter for electrical measurement
1994 ISO 9002 international quality assurance standard certification
1995 Development of the LV5150D, the world’s first digital high-vision waveform monitor
1998 ISO 9001 international quality assurance standard certification
  • LV5150D


2000 Development of the LF982 signal level meter
Won Good Design Award from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion
2002 Development of the LV5700 multi SDI monitor
This was the first time color liquid crystals were used for waveform monitoring, a pioneering achievement that set off the emergence of increasingly sophisticated waveform monitors.
2003 Opening of Beijing Office in Beijing, China
2004 Cancellation of OTC registration with the Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA) and listing of Company’s stock on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange
Development of the LV5750 multi SDI monitor
The LV5750 marks the beginning of compact waveform monitors.
2005 Rebuilding of headquarters building, integrating research facilities and headquarters functions
2006 Opening of service center in Beijing, China
2008 Opening of Kanazawa Techno Center
  • LF982
  • LV5700


2014 Development of the LV5490, the world’s first 4K waveform monitor
2016 Established a local subsidiary Leader Korea Co., Ltd. in Seoul, South Korea
2017 Established a local subsidiary Leader Europe Limited in London, UK

Acquired Phabrix Limited (Berkshire, UK)

And made the company as a consolidated subsidiary of its local subsidiary Leader Europe Limited