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  • 12G SDI
  • 3G SDI
  • HD SDI
  • SD SDI
  • HDR

ZEN Series
Compact type specifically designed for SDI video signals

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The LV5350 waveform monitor offers a 7-inch HD screen display in a compact 3 x ½ RU package that can operate on AC or DC. Waveform, vector and picture with 4K 12G-SDI and audio options . Easy menu operation with touch screen, mouse, and front panel button controls.


  • SDI Signal Flexibility
    The LV5350 supports SD, HD, 3G, and 12G- SDI single link formats.
  • Custom Layout
    User customizable screens allow displays to be arranged as needed.
  • SDI Signal Generation
    Accurately verify equipment and signal paths with the HD to 12G-SDI generator.
  • HDR
    Evaluate content for both SDR and HDR levels. Includes HDR Cinezone, which uses false colors on the picture to highlight what areas have HDR content.
  • CIE Display
    Quickly see if content falls within BT.709, BT.2020 or DCI P3 color space.
  • Focus Assist
    A proprietary algorithm allows accurate assessment of focus even in difficult, low-contrast lighting environments, saving time on set.

Rear Panel

  • Hardware Options
Option Description
LV5350-SER11 Battery adapter: V-Mount
LV5350-SER12 Battery adapter: QR-Gold
  • Software Options
Option Description
LV5350-SER20 Embedded audio analysis
LV5350-SER21 Closed captioning
LV5350-SER22 CIE display
LV5350-SER23 HDR analysis
LV5350-SER24 SDI signal generation
LV5350-SER25 Focus assist
LV5350-SER26 User customizable layout
LV5350-SER27 Tally display
LV5350-SER28 4K format support(12G-SDI/6G-SDI/3G-SDI Dual) 
LV5350-SER40 RGB Vector, YCbCr Vector
Instruction Manual
External Drawing
LV5600/LV7600/LV5300/LV5350/LV7300 Software Update Ver.4.4
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