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The LV 5490 is a multi waveform monitor that supports 4K video format (4096×2160、3840×2160) based on 3G-SDI dual link or quad link, HD-SDI quad link, and 12G-SDI.
The following two 4K video division transmission systems are supported.

The display is a 9-inch full high definition LCD enabling the LV5490 to also be used as a high-quality picture monitor. In addition, the LV5490 supports simultaneous display of four 3G-SDI signal inputs and 1080×1920 (2048)/60p RGB 4:4:4 format based on 3G-SDI dual link.
It also supports CIE chart display and HDR display. The LV 5490 is equipped with SDI and DVI output connectors. The content shown on the LV 5490 display can be shown on an external full high definition monitor.


  • Full High Definition LCD
    The LV 5490 is equipped with a 9-inch full high definition LCD with excellent viewing angle and color reproducibility.
  • Flexible Free Layout Function
    Display areas such as waveform, vector, picture, and audio can easily be changed using a USB mouse.
  • USB Mouse Operation
    A USB mouse can be used to operate the panel.
  • External Monitor Output and SDI Routing
    The measurement screen can be output in SDI or DVI-D from the monitor output connector. The output signal can be displayed on an external LCD in full high definition resolution. In addition, an SDI signal received through one of the SDI input or SDI I/O connectors can be reclocked and output, serving as a routing function.
  • External Remote Control Connector
    The remote connector can be used to load presets, switch the input signal, and transmit alarms.
  • Fan Control
    Five fan rotation settings are available. A quiet setting can be used depending on the surrounding environment.
  • Flexible Free Layout Function
    Display areas such as waveform, vector, picture, and audio can easily be changed using a USB mouse.
    Example of a display layout creation screen
    Display example
Production of LV5490SER01, LV5490SER02 and LV5490SER06 has been discontinued.

  • Combinations of Options
    ○:Installed or not installed
  • LV 5490SER01/02/06/08, Multi 4K Video Inputs
    Up to two 3G-SDI quad link 4K video inputs and up to four 3G 4K video inputs can be displayed by switching. The LV 5490SER06/08 supports 12G-SDI input. When 12G-SDI signals are input to the LV 5490SER06, one of the four inputs can be selected and displayed.
  • LV 5490SER01/02/06/08, Up to Eight SDI Signal Inputs and Four Simultaneous Input Display
    Up to eight inputs can be supported by using the four input-only connectors and four input/output bidirectional connectors. All inputs support 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI, and four simultaneous display is possible. The four input-only connectors (LV 5490SER01/02) feature an equivalent cable length meter function that allow the SDI signal attenuation to be displayed in terms of cable length. The LV 5490SER06/08 has a 12G-SDI serial clock output connector. You can select one of the four inputs to be transmitted from this output.
  • LV 5490SER01/02/06/08, Pattern Generator Function and Reclock Output
    Using the input/output bidirectional connectors as output connectors enables the LV 5490 to be used as an HD, 3G, 4K still-image pattern generator. The connectors can also be used as SDI reclock signal outputs for the input-only connectors. The LV 5490SER06/08 has a 12G-SDI test pattern output connector.
  • LV 5490SER01/02/06/08, SDI Signal Data Analysis Feature
    The status display features an equivalent cable length meter function for SDI signals (SDI input-only connectors only) and a function for detecting CRC and embedded audio errors. It also features SDI signal analysis functions that display event logs, data dumps, phase difference between an external sync signal and SDI signal, and phase difference between multiple SDI signals.
  • LV 5490SER01/02/06/08, Frequency Deviation Measurement
    The deviation in the SDI signal sampling frequency can be measured. This can be used to verify the deviations in the field frequency and frame frequency.
  • LV 5490SER01/02/06/08, Frame Capture Feature
    The LV 5490 is equipped with a frame capture feature, which captures single frames in an SDI signal. The frame capture feature can be used to capture frames manually or automatically when errors occur. Data can be analyzed using a dedicated application. (VEC, WFM, PIC can be captured.)
  • LV 5490SER03, Digital Audio I/O
    The LV 5490SER03 can decode embedded audio in SDI signals and show Lissajous, surround, and meter displays. 16 channels from a single SDI signal input can be decoded and displayed. When decoding the audio of four SDI signal inputs simultaneously, four channels per input can be decoded and displayed.
    Audio display
  • LV 5490SER04, Focus Assist
    This is a focusing function achieved from a new algorithm based on nonlinear super-resolution technology. It allows highly sensitive focusing even on low-contrast images that were difficult to be focused in on in the past. You can select the sensitivity from the five available levels according to the image scene.
    Enlarged view (after focus adjustment)
    After focus adjustment
    (The green area is the focus adjustment point.)
  • LV 5490SER05, CIE Chromaticity Coordinate Display
    This is a chromaticity diagram display function that supports ITU-R BT.601, ITU-R BT.709, and ITU-RBT.2020 colorimetries. Display mode supports CIE 1931 (xy display) and CIE 1976 (u’v’ display). The chromaticity diagram display function can display two color-space triangles. As such, it can be used to suppress contents within the BT.709 color space using a BT.2020 compatible device or to confirm the contents that exceed the BT.709 color space.
    On the color display, chromaticity points are shown using colors in the video signal (on the picture). Chromaticity points can be measured using the cursor. When CineLite Advance is used, a point marker corresponding to the picture cursor and its values are shown on the chromaticity diagram.
    Example of xy chromaticity coordinate display
    Example of u’v’ chromaticity coordinate display
  • LV 5490SER06, 12G-SDI Input
    This unit is for monitoring SDI signals up to 12G-SDI. When 12G-SDI signals are input, you can select one of four inputs. When signals up to 3G-SDI are input, four inputs can be displayed simultaneously. For 4K video formats, 12G-SDI single link, 3G-SDI dual link, and quad link are supported.
  • LV 5490SER07, HDR
    This is a software option to support 4K HDR video signals. On the picture display, the SDR area, which is the brightness range for conventional images, is displayed in monochrome. Coloring is applied to the HDR area, which exceeds the SDR area, according to the brightness. This makes it easy to check the brightness distribution in the HDR area. In addition, the waveform display supports various HDR standard scales, which can be used to manage levels based on scene linear brightness.
    Original image
    HDR zone display
    HDR value display using a cross-hair cursor
    Waveform display of the HDR area and SDR area
  • LV 5490SER08, IP Input
    This unit supports video signals in IP 4K video format (3840×2160). It has four 12G, 3G, HD, SD-SDI signal inputs. A single unit can measure IP and SDI input signals simultaneously.
    * The LV 5490SER08 cannot be installed simultaneously with the LV 5490SER01, LV 5490SER02, or LV 5490SER06.
  • LV 5490SER09 | 12G-SDI EYE
    This option can display and measure the eye patterns and jitters of serial digital signals including 12G-SDI. It enables the measurement and observation of the physical characteristics of not only 12G-SDI signals but also 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI signals.
    The LV 5490SER09 is a license key option for the LV 5490SER06.
    * The LV 5490SER06 cannot be installed simultaneously with the LV 5490SER01, LV 5490SER02, or LV 5490SER08.
  • LV 5490SER10, Camera Noise Meter
    This is a license option that adds a function for measuring the video noise included in the intensity signals or RGB signals of SDI signals applied to the LV 5490. A window for measuring noise can be set. Even when the video levels are not flat due to the effects of the lens or the like, you can select a flat area for making measurements.
    Noise meter display
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